Community Excellence Awards

The time has come to celebrate the remarkable individuals and organizations making positive contributions in their communities through our Annual Civitas Networks for Health Community Excellence Awards!

Join us in recognizing outstanding service and achievements within our industry peers and organizations. Your participation helps highlight the incredible work being done to improve community health.

To be eligible for consideration, member organizations and individuals must be in good standing with Civitas Networks for Health. This includes having up-to-date membership dues, adherence to the organization's code of conduct, and active participation in organizational activities. Civitas reserves the right to verify the standing of all applicants before finalizing any decisions.

Key Dates:

  • Nominations Open: Monday, July 8
  • Nominations Close: Friday, August 9, at 5:00 PM ET

Awards Ceremony:

  • Date: Tuesday, October 15
  • Time: 5:00 PM ET
  • Location: First day of the annual conference, before the InterSystems Platinum Sponsor Reception

Award Categories

Community Impact

The Community Impact award recognizes an organization that positively impacts their local community. This organization strives to improve their community through outreach, engagement, inclusion, education, inspiration, and connection. The recipient of this award has made outstanding and meaningful contributions to identify community goals, build coalitions to achieve them, and measured progress. 


Innovation Pioneer

The Innovation Pioneer award recognizes an organization that has identified, built, and demonstrated a new and creative way to streamline a process or workflow, or deliver new and innovative services and value. As innovation pioneers, they have reduced friction, improved quality and care, driven efficiency, and fostered equity in truly innovative ways. 


Moving Data into Action

The Moving Data into Action award recognizes an organization that has liberated and leveraged data to drive policy, outcomes and/or equity at the community, state, or national level. The awardee will have used data from multiple sources to make the case for policy, research, or process change, and seen the differences implemented while measuring the impact. 


Quality Improvement Trailblazer

The Quality Improvement Trailblazer award recognizes an organization that identified a quality measure(s)/initiative and significantly moved the needle. The awardee will have shown evidence of selecting a novel quality measure, used a different process to impact it, or had a significantly greater impact than previously published for the measure chosen. 


Health Equity Champion

The Health Equity Champion award recognizes an organization that has brought together community leaders across sectors and stakeholders (at any scale) to identify root causes of inequity, developed a plan for addressing those root causes, and identified a sustainability model that incentivizes and motivates the advancement of health equity.  


Governance Gold Medalist

The Governance Gold Medalist award recognizes an organization that has led the effort to build or significantly refine a governance model for data sharing and health improvement across sectors, between health care and community-based organizations, between for profit and non-profit organizations. The awardee has built an inclusive governing table for their organization and has transparent governance practices. 


Partnership Promoters

The Partnership Promoters award recognizes two organizations who have built a sustainable and cooperative and complimentary relationship that delivers benefits to their community that are greater than the sum of the parts. Together they are breaking down data silos and integrating their services/solutions to deliver a unique capability. 

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated leadership, commitment to professional development, and collaborative skills with peers, colleagues, and community members. This rising leader is a top performer and is making significant contributions to their organization, community, and is regularly engaging in the Civitas network. 


Leadership Excellence

The Leadership Excellence award recognizes an individual who has brought together a community, organized other leaders around a common goal, and had a substantial impact on a community, region, State, or the nation, going above and beyond their normal duties. 


Dedicated Mentor

The Dedicated Mentor award recognizes an individual who has consistently empowered their team, peers, other leaders, students and/or community members to encourage engagement and career paths in community leadership, health equity, health improvement, policy, advocacy, interoperability, or technology.