Civitas Networks for Health 2024 Annual Conference

Call for Speaker Proposals

The Civitas Networks for Health 2024 Annual Conference, in collaboration with Upper Midwest Region Members, is currently open for submissions. Civitas members and industry partners are invited to propose session presentations for inclusion in the conference agenda. Proposals are expected to include a health equity viewpoint and showcase collaborations among various stakeholders and sectors. The submission portal will close at 10:00 PM Eastern Time on May 24.

Designated Speaker Tracks

All proposals must be consistent with the theme 'Bridging Data and Doing' and fall within one of the three specified tracks.

1. Interoperability, national networks, standards, and technology – this track will explore how we further health data interoperability, compare local, regional, and state exchange to that of national networks while examining the broader ecosystem and opportunities for greater alignment, deep dive into implementation and use of standards, and highlight new uses of technology such as AI.

2. Promising partnerships – this track aims to highlight key partnerships advancing health data utilities, health equity, population health, quality improvement, and value-based care. Sessions will highlight collaboration between APCDs, CBOs, HIEs, health-data organizations, RHICs, and QIOs. The emphasis will be on the outcomes resulting from data-led and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

3. Community-centric approaches to addressing unmet health related social needs (HRSN) – With increased attention on improving individual’s health, particularly those from underserved populations, this track will examine improved care coordination efforts and how we are expanding care well beyond health care settings. The sessions will further discussions about implementing community care hubs, leveraging community health workers, SDOH data sharing, close-loop referrals, and important policies and practices driving progress. 

The Proposal Selection Committee will review the submitted proposals, while the Civitas staff will be responsible for determining the time allocations for the final selections.

Register to Submit Your Proposal

Instructions for submission:

Please ensure that your proposal has been thoroughly checked for misspelled words, grammatical errors, and typos before submission. Additionally, verify that your professional title and credentials are accurately represented in case your proposal is chosen. The information that you submit will be used on our published agenda and forward-facing materials. 

Reminders: Civitas will cover up to one speaker registration per organization. For proposals including more than one speaker see the following example cases: If a proposal has three speakers from the same organization, one speaker registration will be covered. If there are multiple speakers from different organizations, each of the speakers’ registrations will be covered by Civitas.

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